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A healthy, beautiful smile creates lasting confidence. At Northview Dental we are committed to providing high quality dental care to help you and your family smile with confidence!

We are proud to offer quality care for all your dental needs under one roof. We invite you and your entire family to enjoy the experience of personalized dentistry. Our team of experienced dentists and our friendly staff are dedicated to making you feel like a part of our family , through friendly service and an excellent standard of dental care.

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"The staff is very considerate of 'reluctant' dental patients and those of us with horrible gag reflexes!"

"Northview Dental has the kindest and most gentle hygienists and dental assistants. They are better than the dentist I went to for the 1st thirty years of my life. I am so glad that I found them!"

"Our dentist is very respectful of our financial situation…"

"There is almost never any wait time at North View Dental. I love that!"

"I felt like my dentist was there for me. I was not rushed and felt like a real customer, not just another number to get through the day. Thanks."

"Professional Dental care, great dentist, friendly environment."

"Very professional and friendly staff."

"Going here is not as scary. I don't mind coming to North View because they care about me. Always have, and i think they always will!"

"I like that everyone in the office is friendly, the T.V. on ceiling, & best of all the option for the gas!"

"I, like so many others, ignore my teeth, until I'm in so much pain, I have to go somewhere. Northview Dental has been such a pleasant experience, I don't mind making preventative appointments. I have dentures, and anytime I need an adjustment, I can just walk in and never wait but a few minutes. I appreciate the fact that they treat me, and everyone else I have seen come in, special. They are my Dentist for life!"

"Northview Dental is the best dentist office I have ever been to."

"Great care. They make you feel like you are someone special!"

"I have found that their hours are very accommodating."

"Northview Dental has always exceeded my expectations and have been fair with me, in every way. They are respectful, yet fun! For the most part, I don't dread a visit to my dentist since I signed up for Assurety Dental Care, and since Dr. Greenhalgh has become my family's dentist. Thank you to all at Northview Dental!!!"

"North View Dental is a great office and I would recommend it to everyone!!!"