Dr. Brent Suisse
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Dr. Brent Suisse - Northview Dental, North Ogden, UT

Meet Dr. Brent Suisse

Dr Suisse grew up in Cache Valley Utah in a small town called Hyde Park. There he attended Sky View High School and graduated in 1994. After which, he attended USU for 1.5 years and pursued an art degree where his major was illustration. He then served a full time LDS mission to Argentina, Neuquen. Dr Suisse writes, "In 1997 I met my wife Tami and we were married in 1998. From 1997 to marriage time I continued my artistic pursuits, when I realized that "Starving Artist" is a very real term. I figured for me to be able to stay fat and happy I needed to have art as a hobby and not a career. In 1998 I went to Weber State University and finished a Zoology degree with a Chemistry minor. In 2001 I was accepted to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I graduated in 2005 and moved back to Utah where I plan on living happily ever after. I love my job as a dentist and love seeing the change that the small things I do for my patients can have on them."